Error while creating document type from WmEDIforTN homepage

Hi I get the following error while trying to create a document in Trading Networks from WmEDIforTN homepage:

"The following error occured while attempting to create the template:

Service: wm.b2b.editn:installEDITypes
Error: class"

I am logged in as Administrator and I have full priviledge. Has anyone come across such an error? Infact when I run the ‘wm.b2b.editn:installEDITypes’ service manually from the Developer, I am able to successfully create the document type in TN. Any ideas?

Mehul Parikh

Which version of EDI document types that you are trying to install?

Please clarify as there is a difference between EDItypes and EDI document types. Which exactly are you trying to install. You can typically do this from the WmEDIforTN home page in package management.



Thanks for responding, I am installing EDI Document 850 version 4010 and 4030. But when I try to add these new documents in the TN, I get Access Denied error as mentioned above.

Please let me know if you have come across such an error.



It’s pretty straight forward to install the EDI Document types from the
WmEDIforTN home page in package management.

And we haven’t faced any error which you have mentioned.

In Worstcase try with reloading the WMEDIforTN package.