Add EDI X12 4010 with X12 4030

Hello Everyone,

We are running on WM 7.1.3 and using EDI X12 4030 specification. Can you please le me know if we can add EDIX12 4010 with this or not? Please let me know if you need any further information on this from my end

I think you can add EDIX12 4010. I remember seeing both in the drop down list in the past development experience.

Did you have a look at the EDI guide from SAG?

What is your version of EDI module?

hello mahesh,

Thanks for the information. We are using 6.5 version for EDI, can you please let me with any EDI doc which I can refer for getting more informaton and help to my query, as I didnt see X12 specifications in EDI documentation on Software AG site

webMethods EDI Module Installation and User’s Guide ,
webMethods EDI Module Concepts Guide should provide enough info.
load new doc types at: Solutions>EDI> Install TN Document Types
You sure can support both 4010 and 4030 at the same time. In TN they are shown as different doc types.

Are you looking for more info on 4010 and 4030 transaction set (segment/field by field definition info) in general or just installation of these version document types in your IS/TN environment?


hello RMG,

I am looking for more info on 4010 and 4030 transaction set and also want to confirm if there is no restrictions in adding X12 4010 in ff schemas?

OK If you are mainly looking for guideline Segment/Field info you need to explore EDI tools such as EDIFECS or some thing similar to tell you more transaction set info.

Yes you can install 4010 schema/doc type via WmEDI home page


I think Install TN EDI Document Types from EDI homepage is deprecated and now it is available via MWS