Adabas Manager / Workbench

I have installed Adabas 6.4.2 and Ababas Manager 8.2 on Windows 10.
Previously I had Adabas 6.3 including Adabas Workbench.
The workbench is apparently replaced by Adabas Manager?

Now I can’t figure out to create a new file or modify an existing file.
I have created a new DDM in Natural but how can I create the corresponding FDT?

Rewing the documentation I can see, that Adabas Manager 8.2 does not allow adding files, editing FDT’s etc.
This is possible in Adabas Manager 8.3.
But int the Adabas 64 community edition Adabas manager 8.2 is included.
Where can I download Adabas Manager version 8.3?

Hello Ivan,
we are currently preparing a new ADA community edition containing the latest release 2017Oct, containing AMN 8.3 (= Adabas Manager).
It is doable with AMN 8.3 to work with FTDs with one exception: Changing the FDT of an existing ADA file will be delivered with a fix for AMN 8.3 later.
Kind regards, Juergen, Product Management

Hi Juergen.
Thanks for your answer.
I am looking forward to download the new ADA community edition when its released.

Hello Ivan,

pls. see topic

Thanks and cheers,