Adabas Workbench - Natural One

I have downloaded Natural ONE and able to install. I was not able to see “Adabas work bench” as mentioned in the material. Is there any other way to install?. If I able to start a sample database in Natural ONE can I able to their PLOG as well? why I am asking these questions because my client asking to read PLOG’s but he was not in a position to provide his environment to test. Is this achievable?


Hi subba,

the Adabas DBA Workbench is deprecated and cannot be delivered anymore.

For working with Adabas I suggest you download the Adabas Community Edition.

It contains Adabas Manager, the new administration tool for ADA on Linux, Unix, Windows.
With respect to PLOG, pls. be aware that the Adabas Community Edition does not allow working with PLOG.

As we’ll have the next Adabas and Adabas Manager release with enhanced scope mid of October,
there will be a newer version of the Adabas community edition some time after.

It will include Backup/Restore, Load/Unload and Export/Import as administration features.

Best regards,
Juergen :: Product Management Adabas Manager

Download link: