ADABAS Community Edition 6.4


I am trying to find ADABAS Community Edition 6.4 for Windows 7 64-bit. All I am getting Adabas_Community_Edition_630. I downloaded DVD_Version_NAT_8. which cannot be installed with ADABAS 6.3. It always say “Uninstall ADABAS 6.3 or Deactivate 6.4”. Where can I find ADABAS 6.4 community Edition?
Please help.



The DVD_Version_NAT_8. Community Edition contains an Adabas 6.4 as a Community Edition.
However, it is not possible to run an Adabas 6.3 and an Adabas 6.4 inparallel on a
Windows computer. Therefore, you should do the following:

Backup the content of your database based on Adabas 6.3.
Uninstall Adabas 6.3
Install Natural including Adabas 6.4
restore the data from the backup

Another option is to install the entire package on a different computer.


Thank you very much. I uninstalled 6.3 and installed Natural and Adabas 6.5.
But I cannot find DBA Workbench. Is it not there? How do I I start database (DBID = 12)?

Thanks again.

As of Adabas 6.4 DBA Workbench is no longer available. It’s functionality is provided by by Adabas Manager.

I haven’t installed the latest Community edition, but maybe the following will help.

Is there an entry on the Windows Start menu to start a database, perhaps something like Start demo database? It would be under Software AG Adabas 6.4.

Or is there an entry such as Adabas Command Prompt? You could enter “adabas dbid=12” there as the command to start the database.

Adabas command prompt:

  • adastart
  • adastop

Thank you very much. It solved the problem.

Thanks again.

In my case, I started with Natural ONE, it was my first product downloaded, it has ADABAS 6.4…and then I was searching for ADABAS WorkBench, I found ADABAS 6.3 installed and run ok both databases in the same machine…
at the same time!..WorkBench list files from ADABAS 4 but can not to edit or manage.

Then the only issue is that you can not to manage ADABAS 4 in the workbench 6.3…
but I could build default database 6.3.
When you run natural will need to change the natparm or do another…to adjust Dbid to the new number for ADABAS 3 files created. :slight_smile: