Adabas Manager Communication Client is not running

This issue has been raised three times before (the first by me), but in the wrong forums.

Sue Northcott
Elias Reddan

The fixes available in Empower have not resolved the issue.

Hi All,

I am very sorry for the inconvenience you face. We need to provide a fix in a way everybody can apply it.
We are working on it.
The intention is to have a replacement of the kit by end of next week.

Beside the problem with the Adabas Manager you can use Adabas itself.

Regards, Wolfgang

Thanks, Wolfgang. I look forward to the new fix.

Really? :wink:
Once you get used to the convenience of AOS, DBA Workbench, and Adabas Manager, it is very cumbersome to use batch jobs, scripts, or the command line. Software AG has spoiled us with its easy-to-use tools.

What about people who have paid for the product and can’t use it?