Adabas Manager Communication Client is not running

I’ve installed the Adabas Community addition on Windows 7 and I’m getting the following message in Adabas Manager:

“Adabas Manager Communication Client is not running; or specified host name / port number (localhost:4980) of Adabas Manager Communication Client is invalid.”

No Software AG services appear to be stopped.

Any ideas?


A fix is available in Empower but I have been unsuccessful in applying it, manually or via Update Manager.


I has the same problem on Windows 7 x64. I tried to put on a real laptop and multiple virtual machines - the result is always the same. No solution to this problem could not be found.

Hi All,

An updated community of Adabas Manager and Adabas is now available for download.

PLEASE follow the installation guide when installing the software. You need to select installing from image
otherwise you’ll be prompted for user id and password. Section 4.1 in the guide explains how apply the correction.

Have fun, Wolfgang

It seems to did not apply the correction. Did not follow the instructions described in section 4.1 in the installation guide version 1.1?
When running the script in directory FIX3 you’ll see what happens during the installation of the correction.
In case you have another active environment on the same computer please deactivate it. Drill down to Adabas 6.4 in the menu.
I hope that helps you. At least it does when I install the new kit.

Regards, Wolfgang