Activate Adabas Manager Security Error

when install finshed by ADACE_Install.bat file and go to Startmenu item of Adabas Manager, right click the item of Adabas Manager and select ‘Run as administrator’. the Adabas Manager application gets invoked in the default browser.

In order to use Database Administration, the Adabas Manager Security is to be activated in the following way:
a) Logon to Adabas Manager
b) Click the Link ‘Configuration and Security’ in title bar
c) Select ‘Security’
d) Enter the ‘AMNDBA’ password and new password for Adabas Manager Security
when i clicked the submit button,the error window pop.

A security interface error has occurred on 2020-01-16 14:22:32.
Please make a copy of this error information and send it to your Software AG support.
We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.
Detailed error information:
Severe error occurred in security interface. Security error 8005: Internal error ; caller checksum is invalid
The error has occurred in line 502 + 4 of object AMSMOP2S in library SYSAMN on level 3.
Object chain:
AM-DISPP(0394) ==> AM-HOME(0209) ==> AMSMOP2S(0502)
Currently executing “Home” (called by “Home”).

Begin the installation by either starting the Software AG Installer directly or by using the setup.bat file, then follow these instructions. Select Advanced Options and choose the tab “Images”. On the Images tab select the check box Use installation image and the radio button Install from image, then browse to the image file (the ZIP file contained in the package).

Choose OK and then Next.

Now choose the Installation directory and Start Menu group name. It is recommended that you use a unique identifier in both the installation directory name and the Start menu group name.

Choose Next.

Select Adabas Products; all required components will be selected automatically (these components may change over time).

Choose Next.

If there is an older installation of Adabas version 6.3 on the computer, you will receive the following message:

Choose OK to continue.

Accept the license agreement and choose Next.

In the next step the port number for the Adabas Directory Server has to be set use the port number shown here. If you want to install the package a second time, choose another port number e.g. 5000.
The Adabas Directory Server recognizes all Adabas databases that are registered. Databases are detected automatically and no user intervention is necessary.

Choose Next.

Deselect the check box Plan to use Command Central (as shown below); this is not required for the Community Edition.

Choose Next.

Now use the port number shown here. If you want to install the package a second time, choose another port number e.g. 5001.
The Adabas Manager Communication Client is part of the communication layer to exchange information between the Adabas Manager and Adabas databases; no user intervention is required.

Choose Next.

This list shows the components that will be installed in the next step. Please keep in mind all software components are installed in a suite. If you install this package a second time on the same computer, you will need to install all of the components again. This makes it easy to have multiple installations in parallel, and to uninstall a suite without jeopardizing another suite.

Choose Next.

The installation starts now.

Following successful installation, complete the process by choosing Close to close the Software AG Installer.