ADABAS Community Edition for Windows PROBLEM

When I try to start the demo database I get the following message: %ADAFRM-I-STARTED, 08-NOV-2009 21:01:35, Version (Windows)

%ADAFRM-W-LICDAYS, License will expire in 235 days
%ADAFRM-W-LICDATE, License expiration date is 30-JUN-2010

%ADAFRM-F-LICVER, The version of ADABAS and the version used in the license file do not match.
%ADAFRM-I-ABORTED, 08-NOV-2009 21:01:35, elapsed time: 00:00:00

Do you also have a licensed Adabas version on your machine? It seems that you have specified an Adabas v5.1 license file for the Adabas community edition; and this does not fit. You can deactivate the license file with the DBA workbench; then it should work.