Adabas in community edition

Adabas is part of the NaturalONE community edition and
will be installed in one step together with all other components.

When installing Natural One Community Edition, we noted the Restriction: The NaturalONE Community Edition will be installed, but without Adabas, if either Adabas or Entire Net-Work are installed, or if an Adabas database 12 is found on the computer. The Travel Sample will not work because it uses the ADABAS demo Database. I tried installing ADABAS 6.1.9 from the thumb drive we received at the Sacramento Roadshow last week, but can’t seem to find the license file that will allow for activation of the DBID 12 GENERAL_DATABASE.
We use Natural 6.3 to develop and maintain objects on our mainframe. The 6.3 installation includes an ADABAS demo database, so apparently this is why ADABAS was not installed with Natural ONE CE.
Is there a separate license key for ADABAS 6.1.9 on the thumb drive? If not, how do we obtain a license key? Thank you.