NaturalONE Community Edition download details


I have worked with Natural/Adabas in mainframe for two years. Now I am working with different technologies but want to enhance my Natural/Adabas knowledge.

For learning and practicing Natural/Adabas I have downloaded the NaturalONE Community Edition installer. But I am facing some issues while insatlling the software.

  1. While insatlling the software at my pc it is asking me to enter a user name and password. I do not remember my user name and password, can you please let me know how can I get it?.

  2. Please suggest what release should I install to practice natural I used in Mainframe?

  3. How can I create ADABAS database and what is the min memory requirment to be used in PC?

Thank You!!

Best Regards
Shashannk Gite

Would you mind posting NaturalONE related questions in the “NaturalONE Community Edition” forum ?
It is there for a reason.

More information about NaturalONE installation available at

Adabas is NOT part of NaturalONE, you will have to download the Community Edition separately from

Documentation available at

In case you have more questions re. Adabas installation please use the “Adabas on Open Systems” forum.