Natural CE questions

It appears there is a version of Natural Community Edition which is not based on the Eclipse studio that comes with NaturalONE but rather uses the Windows studio development platform. I downloaded that one to a personal laptop and it seemed to install fine but I ran into a couple of issues.

It installed an Adabas component and it has a program option to create the demo db. However, it appears that I don’t really have Adabas installed. Would this indicate something was wrong with the installation, or do I need to download the Adabas community edition for that to work correctly?

Second, I was working through a nice wiki article in this TECHCommunity that showed how to build web applications using Natural and FrontPage 2003. I downloaded Microsoft Expression Web 4 which is free and seems to be the current successor to FrontPage 2003. The instructions showed how to generate under Tools a subprogram module that communicates with html pages saved as resources in your Natural FUSER library, but that option is not visible in my Natural environment. The wiki clearly is written for the Natural Studio and not for NaturalONE. Is the Natural Web IO portion not included in the community edition?