Download the Adabas Community Edition, Version 6.1.4

Can someone please advise the link to dowload this?
Adabas Community Edition, Version 6.1.4

It appears the link is broken, but you can get to it here:

Or from Communities>>Adabas & Natural>>Resources>>Downloads.

Hope the broken link is fixed for you, though.

That page has a link called " Go to the Adabas Community Edition download page" but that link is broken. Same thing with going there with drop downs - the last link is broken.

Hopefully commenting on it here will bring it to someone’s attention who can fix the broken links.

Downloading of the Community Edition is STILL broken!!!

What is the deal over there?!?!?!? Don’t they want to sell software?!?!?!

You may want to try clearing your browser cache, I went through the process of filling in the form, receiving the email with the link, then using the link to start the download process. The file is currently downloading onto my machine.

The download finally worked. Now have an issue with setting up the sample database.

I am running the following command:

C:\ProgramData\Software AG\Adabas\V618\bin\demodb>loadall.bat

I am getting the following error for each data file it’s trying to load:

The network name cannot be found.
\db001\assign.bat does not exist.
\db001\assign.bat does not exist.
\db001\assign.bat does not exist.
\db001\assign.bat does not exist.

I have no idea what the issue would be. Has anyone else encountered this?


First, sorry for your inconvenience.
The version number will change. With each new Adabas version
a Community Edition will be made available.

Now to your problem, please use the DBA-Workbench to create
a database. It is pretty simple and also my preferred way to get
a new database.

I have already created the database. I am trying to load the sample data that came with this trial edition…