Community Edition

I have been trying to download the Community Edition for over a week now and the link is STILL broken!!!

Does someone ever plan on fixing this issue??? If they can’t get a link on a web site to work, why would someone want to purchase the database?

Right! The link in the mail doesn’t work.
The link end with …

On the download-page they say something about version 6.1.4 …

It doesn’t matter what the link ends in. That just means it should automatically prompt me to download the .zip file that is located at that site.

The download finally worked. Now have an issue with setting up the sample database.

I am running the following command:

C:\ProgramData\Software AG\Adabas\V618\bin\demodb>loadall.bat

I am getting the following error for each data file it’s trying to load:

The network name cannot be found.
\db001\assign.bat does not exist.
\db001\assign.bat does not exist.
\db001\assign.bat does not exist.
\db001\assign.bat does not exist.

I have no idea what the issue would be. Has anyone else encountered this?