ACL Settings in Broker


I have read through the Broker Admin document once and got an overview of the Territory, Broker Server, Client Group, Document Types, Trigger, etc.

Now I have created all these and have published also. When the trigger tried to get the published document I am getting the following error:

2005-10-13 14:58:04 IST [ISS.0098.0036E] Paz.triggers:subscribeFromBroker encountered Transport Exception: Broker Failure (100-1010): A failure occurred on the Broker. The error code is 306 and the message is ‘’.

I read in this forum that this is becoz the the Access Control is not SET. For this I need to create a Server Certificate Request and get it signed by the CA. This I need to import using awcert Tool.

First Question: Do I really need to DO this?

I never saw where I need to get this certified. I did try but the certificate is not accepted by WebMethods Tool. I understand thawte only support PKCS #7 SIGNED Certificate.

Second Question: Can someone point me where I need to get the proper Certificate?

Thanks and regards,
Pazhanikanthan. P

The awcert Tool is needed to register valid user DN’s that you authorize for SSL-based administration. The awcert tool will create a key and trust store you need on the Broker server.

I am working on Webmethod 6.5 and I am getting error for rejecting document by trigger. If I get this error for ASN documents then there is no problem, but if i get this error for Invoice then data for document are getting deleted without processed. SO in that way we are losing document once in week. So far we are not doing use of broker.
Please find error detail as mentioned below. Any help will be appreciated.

[/size][/font][FONT=Times New Roman]"Rejecting document as there is no enabled Trigger registered Rejecting document as there is no enabled Trigger registered:

[ART.116.3010] Adapter Runtime (Notification): Error publishing notification
Error: Rejecting document as there is no enabled Trigger registered: