Broker Subscription trigger


I have hit a problem on how to control what user/ACL a subscribtion trigger executes with.

I currently have a scheduled service executed by userA, that publishes to the broker. When this event is picked up by the subscription trigger it is executing a service as Administrator. I need to be able to ensure that the subscription service is executed as userA.

This is causing permission problems as this service is sending documents into TN as Administrator , and userA cannot extract these stored TN documents for further processing


You can change the user that runs the triggered services from the default “Administrator” to “userA” in the IS Admin console at Settings -> Resources -> Store Settings -> Edit Document Store Settings. It appears to be a global setting on the IS, so all the triggered services on the IS will run as userA.

Another option, though it may not be acceptable, is to have the scheduled service submit the document to TN instead of publishing it to the Broker. What’s the intent behind using Broker in this integration?

Thanks for that information, But I would need to control this per trigger.

Unfortunately i am using a legacy framework and it would be too much work taking out the broker at the moment.

I have had to code a crude work around using another broker request to reprocess documents.