Error publishing notification

I am working on Webmethod 6.5 and I am getting error for rejecting document by trigger. If I get this error for ASN trigger then there is no problem, but if i get this error for Invoice Trigger then data for document are getting deleted without processed. SO in that way we are losing document once in week. So far we are not doing use of broker.
Please find error detail as mentioned below. Any help will be appreciated.

Error Description
[/size][/font][FONT=Times New Roman]"Rejecting document as there is no enabled Trigger registered Rejecting document as there is no enabled Trigger registered:

[ART.116.3010] Adapter Runtime (Notification): Error publishing notification
Error: Rejecting document as there is no enabled Trigger registered:

Hi gediya,

Check the Trigger is triggered with correct document i.e invoice document. Error: Rejecting document as there is no enabled Trigger registered: " or check the trigger is disable or enable and also check the any filter expression for invoice document?

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Trigger was triggered with correct Document. Because it was processed on development server and also processed in production server after it was inserted manually. It happens once in week for one Invoice Document for Particular Vendors only.

If this error occurs for ASN docs than its getting processed without failure, but if document is rejected for invoice than its faied to process and data has to be inserted manually to process those data.

Yes, Trigger is enabled at the time of error occured.

Do you have any Idea about Duplicate messageID and dispatch exception as per mentioned in error. I will appreciate for any help.

Please find server log for that error, it may be more helpful to understand scenario.

2008-02-27 08:57:59 CST [ISS.0098.0011V2] Fanout inbound document from Document Store LocalProducer to registered triggers
2008-02-27 08:58:00 CST [ISS.0098.0082E] Unable to persist Document: WagDCVendorPortal.toWag.Invoice.notifier:notifyInvoiceDataPublishDocument to Document Store: WagDCVendorPortal.toWag.Invoice.trigger:subscribeToInvoiceData. Exception: [BAT.0000.0032] duplicate message for store id WagDCVendorPortal.toWag.Invoice.trigger:subscribeToInvoiceData in parent container id TriggerConsumer
2008-02-27 08:58:00 CST [ISS.0098.0024C] No Trigger available for incoming Document WagDCVendorPortal.toWag.Invoice.notifier:notifyInvoiceDataPublishDocument. Rejecting Document


Hi gediya,

How did u resolve the the below issue? Please share…

Thanks and Regards,
Shriraksha A N