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This is the error i am getting exactly . i have created a document to publish. I created a trigger to get invoked when this document is published. I also created a service to be executed when the triger is invoked. The publish’ permissions in the client’s client group is also done. Even when the trigger is executed, it nvoked the service and executed properly.
But the problem is the trigger is not invoked when document is published.The document itself is not getting publsihed.I changed the option to publishible to broker also. What i found is that in the screen path
Broker Server > Brokers > Broker #1@localhost > Clients > i created_testAtrigger_trigger11 ,subscriptions part is disabled. others sessions, documents in queue are enabled . If the trigger subscription is 0, how the trigger gets invoked? So, we need to have the document(which we are publishing) in the subscription part.Its not showing. How to enable that??? Please , I need detailed explaination how to configure that …

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You have to use the name of the document as that of the nameSpace of the document.

Ex: if you have a document in a folder xyz with name abcd

then the publishable document should be named xyz:abcd

Same with that of the subscribing service also.

Bhavani Shankar

hi shankar,

but the name space was already given…


This is the error exactly what i am getting. In the call stack part,under service it is shown as wm.server.publish:publish

Is there anything to do with that publsih… As shown in the error, i checked the client group publsihable doc types. The document which i was publishing was already there.As i said in the previous mail that in the screen path
Broker Server > Brokers > Broker #1@localhost > Clients > i created_testAtrigger_trigger11 ,subscriptions part is disabled yesterday. Today it is shown enabled and the subscriptable partthe same as the triger which we are invoking. Dont know what to do now.

Please guide me…

As u said,
Same with that of the subscribing service also.
I am not subscribing. I am just publishing to the broker and when published , trigger should get invoked which inturn invoke the service… Thanks for u rhelp.

But still need ur help. Waiting for ur response


Could not run ‘doc1’. [ISS.0098.9014]BrokerException: No Permission (109-1374): Cannot publish the document. Permission is denied. Check the ‘can publish’ permissions in the client’s client group.

The above one is the exact error what i am getting. in previous postings, error message is not shown properly. So, this posting

Rama Krishna,

I believe all your IS/Broker configurations (Clientgroup,permissions) working fine.

Try this way,may be the publishable document got corrupted.

Procedure In detail for pub/sub document via Broker:

So deletethat exisiting publishable document and create a new IS documentType and change this to publishable to Broker in the settings.

And create a trigger,give the information of invoking subscribing service and publishable document (fully qualified document name–
folder.subfolder:documentType).Enable this trigger.

For testing stimulate with pub.publish:publish service pass the inputs(documentTypeName = publisable document fully qualified document name)
and map the publisable document structure to (document).

And in the invoking subscribing service in the Input/Output tab give input the (fully qualified publisable document name (folder.subfolder:documentType).Inside the service put the savePipelineToFile service and later restore it and check the pipeline.


Dear rmg,

still it didnt work. Even i reinstalled only the broker part. Still it is not working. But i open a session of another server, and doing publised a document on that server, it worked. Ofcourse, nothing is done from my server except using my developer(for opening the session). Can u suggest anything else…

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Error that you are getting is : [ISS.0098.9014]BrokerException: No Permission (109-1374): Cannot publish the document. Permission is denied. Check the ‘can publish’ permissions in the client’s client group

Suggested Solution :
You need to have Publish / Subscribe Permissions for document which you are trying to publish to “webMethodsB2BClients” Client Group on the broker to which your have broker alias created on your IS server.

I am working on EDI documents(Transaction set 860). after going through the conversion process of convertToValues, i got EDIValues. now my question is how do i map these values to my companies internal document and publish that to the broker in 4.6 version.
Thanks in advance.


Actually there is an exclusive EDI For webMethods section in this site [url=“”] search here regarding technical EDI issues,mapping,translation etc…

Anyways once you have the convertToValues pipelineout EDIValues(IDATA)use the 860 record(as RecordReference) and explicitly map the EDIValues to it.and next steps will be your (one to one segment mapping) i.e from ST segment child segments to your internal document(Canonical structure)this is depends on your mapping specifications given by your Functional team.

Once you done with internal document mapping then from IS connect to broker 4.6 use the Bridge Adapter this will publish the document to the Broker and from here using broker tools (Enterprise Integrator)extract the information and push it to target resource.

Regarding brider adapter functionality search in this site for better understanding.