Access Denied on contact to a Sink

I want to use a Sink in my DCOM program.
I thereby use a an Advise function, when the Server(on a windows platform) tries to connect it gets an access denied (0x80070005) notice from the client.
The advise function on the client gets 0x80040202.

On the client the security is initialized with CoInitializeSecurity (None access level, anonymous impersonation level). The Server is BOTS and the security set to Default, Identify (no other configuration worked in windows).

I have tried to get the security settnings right but it is hard, any ideas anyone?

Hello Markus,

security in DCOM is sometimes a pain. There are so many different settings that is is sometimes hard to figure out wha it doesn’t work.
First I would like to ask you some questions:
- are you using local authentification, i.e. paulad on the UNIX machine is running with -local, or are you using a domain controller with paulas.exe running on it and paulad is running with -rpc?
- Can you try the sclient/sserver basic tests in both directions, from Windows to UNIX and from UNIX to Windows and see if that works?
- Can you send me the dcomconfig file from $EXXDIR/$EXXVERS/etc?

Volker Denkhaus