DCOM suddenly note accessible

Hi, I’m making an ASP page in VB and it calls some DCOM objects to facilitate some functions. I’m currently encountering a behaviour whereas at first, I can call on the DCOM objects (The ASP page works fine). When I access the ASP page again, I then encounter a “service not registered” error. I have to restart the RPC server again in order to access the DCOM object.

I SUSPECT that when I call and access a DCOM object, the RPC server became non-functional.

I also noticed sometimes that I encounter timeout errors first before the “service not regiestered error”

Do u have any ideas on this? Is there any special configuration in the RPC server for this?

Thanks for your time and attention


What RPC Server are you using ?
Looks like something is wrong with your RPC Server, this is not a DCOM (Wrapper) problem.
You need to check the output of the RPC Server and (depending on the RPC Server) switch on logging/tracing of the RPC Server.