calling an DCom object within an c++ com x-tension

Hallo my name is Tobias,

I’ve got a problem with instantiating a DCom object inside a tamino c++ x-tension. There’s no problem calling the same DCom object from another Com object or application outside Tamino. The HRESULT Error Message of the CoCreateInstance() call is: “The RPC server is unavailable”. But the server is available. I’ve read it could be something with security aspects!?! Both machines are running with W2k Pro.

thanks in advance


Hi Tobias,
The problem you have encountered needed and needs some thorough investigation of Your COM security configuration, which in its details is obviously beyond the scope of this list. But here is a short guess. I have asked a collegue-specialist of mine on this issue and this is his answer:

"Tamino is normally executed as a system process on the account of the systm user. This account has to have Lauch and Access Permissions on the COM object to be instanciated. These and the Server Extensions Permissions can be configured with DCOMCNFG.
You could -for test-reasons- try to configure the Server Extension (using DCOMCNF) to run in an account which definitively holds the permissions of the COM Object to be instanciated. If the object can be instanciated by an interactive programme, you could try using “Launch As Interactive User” when configuating the Server Extension to verify the its behaviour."

I hope his information helps You solving Your problem. Please give feedback or contact the Software AG support on the issue.
Best regards, Michael