Java X-Application applications: TaminoStore Problem

X-Application Version: 3.1.2
Tamino Version : 3.1.1
Platform : Win2k
WebContainer : Tomcat 3.3a
JDK Version : 1.3.1

I used X-Application for a nice project: I have developed a lot of JSPs from different DTDs and I had customized the JSPs. All rights!

Now, I’m trying to create a java application to monitorize X-Application operations by checking the BusinessDocument.State property. But I have a problem: my application doesn’t work and returns me this message: connect failed – retry #0 connect failed – retry #1 connect failed – retry #2 connect failed – retry #3 connect failed – retry #4
Tamino Error Text:
Error connecting Tamino: server not available.
NestedException: Server Not Available!
NestedException:Invocation constructor failed.
NestedException without message!

I have tried to use both hostname and numeric IP address but it doesn’t work. TaminoStore cannot make a connection.
Interested host is reachable, of course!! :wink:
I used X-Application examples (of package with same result!! They don’t work!!

can someone halp me?!
Michelangelo Serpico
SAG Italy

Whenever I got this error message, I mis-spelled the Tamino URL or the database was not started.

Is the database started if you look at it with
Tamino manager?


Software AG Germany, Darmstadt

Whenever I got this error message, I had forgotten to start the webserver…

An even better test than checking with the SMH is to try a simple query through the Interactive Interface (or directly through a browser), as this will test that all required parts are working.


My code is like this
try {
TaminoStore store = new TaminoStore(“http://localhost/tamino/mydb”,userID,passWD);
catch(Throwable th) {
It always says cannot connect to server but it is ok for generator.

Any suggestion?

Do you possibly have the same problem that is described on the Contributions Forum
caused by conflicting jar files in Tomcat’s lib directory structure?