DCOM an ETID Problems

Hi there, i have a Natural Class in a server, when a client instance this class, natural creates a process in the server with the user that launch it, and a session in Adabas with the same user.
The problem is that this only works with some users, with other users it give me this error:
NAT0711 The object chacaf01 could not be created (DCOM code 0x8008005L: Server Execution Failed)

I think is an security error, but i don’t know what security permission i have to modify, can any help me with this problem ???

This is my Natural code:

1 #Error (a69)
1 #User (a10)
1 #Pass (a10)
1 #Pid (n5)

SEND “iniciar_sesion” TO #aObject
WITH #User #Pass
#Error := #aObject.Error
#Pid := #aObject.PID
write #Error #Pid
SEND “cerrar_sesion” TO #aObject

There is no such error as 0x8008005L. Do you mean 0x80080005L (CO_E_SERVER_EXEC_FAILURE) or possibly rather 0x80070005L (E_ACCESSDENIED)? Your code does not do anything with the database up to the line where the error occurs, so ETIDs are most likely not involved. If you have an 0x80080005L (CO_E_SERVER_EXEC_FAILURE), you could have a look into the event log, if there is more information available. In either case you should check the proper DCOMCNFG configuration for your server, as described in the NaturalX documentation. Certain users might not have launch permission for the server.
Regards, +o:-]

ok benedict, forget the etid, this is my explanation:

1.- I have configured my DCOM Server like is described in the NatualX documentation.
2.- This code works with some users, with other ones no.
3.- I make a copy of one of the users that works, idem est with the same privilegies, the same groups, the same policies, and this copy of this user can’t create the object on the server, give the error that i mentioned.
4.- I go crazy trying to give full control to al users in all the permissions for the natural server, and don’t work.

what happend ? i don’t understand, can somebody help me ???


another thing, this error exists, the prub: :shock:


Natural 6.1.1
Winserver 2000
Adabas 3.3.3

Visual Basic 6.0 Aplication
WinXP Pro SP2

You see, there must be some difference between the users that is possibly not quite obvious… This seems rather to be a case for the Software AG product support.
Regards, +o:-]

Sometimes a simple thing such as rebooting client and server machine works wonders. The DCOM configurations are somewhat obstinate…
Regards, +o:-]

thanks for the help, i found another way to make this works, windows Security it’s to Secure… :shock:

by the way, how do you evolutionate to “Senior” Member ???

You automatically “graduate” after having contributed a certain number of postings :wink: