997 Reconciliation

I have 850s going out that get queued and batched. The ISA envelope is split into envelope, group and 850. The rule is on the 850 to put in queue. The queue batches them up at scheduled intervals and resubmit an X12 to TN for the batch which is not split.

I then get a 997 back. Since there is no processing rule for the 997 the 997s are split and ignored. I read the docs but don’t quite understand the FA reconciliation process under tight timelines. In the TPA I set the FAreconciliation to true.

For the X12 batch entry I don’t see any DocumentID instead it says . This is handled by the built in batch process. So i’m assuming the reconciliation can’t happen since control number is not populating the doc id.

-Do I have do anything with the 997 that comes in or do we just run reports after the fact?
-How can I verify the results are working exactly.

Any specific help will be much appreciated.

For the outgoing batched X12, you need to split to the group level for FA reconciliation.

Thanks Rob - I have a TPA for the 2 parties involved that is split at transaction, which handles the individual 850s (that are put into batch). Can you elaborate on how to differentiate for this batch, if I need a second TPA, etc?