edi997 fuctional acknowledgement


I have a situation the we have two server when we got edi997 FA then we dnt know that which FA we received on server. so how we can match the edi with FA997 in webMethods server.


What do you mean two server’s received FA? Can you clarify on your query and what you want to match the outbound trans tied to the Inbound FA?


the FA Reconciliation is using TN DB, it’s not instance dependent.

per “webMethods Module for EDI Installation and User’s Guide”

FA Reconciliation
To perform FA reconciliation, Module for EDI records each Group/Interchange EDI
document that it sends and receives through Trading Networks. Whether it records a
Group or an Interchange document depends on the EDI standard of the document.
? For ANSI X12, Module for EDI records each Group document that it sends or receives
through Trading Networks.
? For UN/EDIFACT, Module for EDI records each Interchange-level document.
Module for EDI records information about these documents in the EDITRACKING table,
which is a module-specific table in the Trading Networks database.
When Module for EDI receives the FA that corresponds to a Group/Interchange EDI
document, the module updates the FA status for the Group/Interchange document in the
? For ANSI X12, the FA is the 997 document, which acknowledges the group envelope
and all of its contents.

Hope you have the enough information on this and let us know any questions:


can you tell me about reconsilation report , how we can run it?