Functional Acknowledgement Reconciliation for EDI batch

For general EDI flow (by general I mean non-batch EDI processing or Real time EDI processing), that is for WM outbound EDI transaction, TN insert record in EDI Tracking table and matches the FA against it(attachment2). I am not sure how it woks in case EDI batch.

I am facing similar this issue for EDI transactions those are sent in batch. TN is receiving FA but it is not matched(check attachment 1).

Any leads are appreciated.
Thanks in advance!



Where did you capture the second screen shot from assuming it from the X12 TS of the Inbound sent?

Have you checked especially the control numbes they sent for Group are matched with what is sent in the outbound X12 Envelope but not sure which level of FA reconcile you are expecting and it in place?

Can you please verify more on the cntrl number’s both outbound batch one and inbound 997 FA?