FAReconciliation and Split option

I am working with ANSI X12 documents. I am puttig FAReconciliation to true. But my question is how can I split the document.
By making FAReconciliation to True, can I make Split at Transaction level, Still will I get the FA status??
Or the splition should be only at Group level for ANSI X12.


Yes. FA generation/status is independent of splitting.

Thanks for the reply,
but still I was unable to understand. ANSI X12 FA Reconciliation can be done at group level only right. So, the question is if I did the split at transcation level is ist possible to get FAreconciliation.
Sorry, if I keep on asking the same question.


That’s correct. I was off-base on my statement. Splitting must be done to at least the group level for FA reconciliation to function. Splitting to the transaction level is okay. You will get FA reconciliation.

Thanks Rob, I will check it out.