Group vs. Transaction level FAs

:confused: Is there a way to dictate 997/FAs to go out on a specific level? Currently they are going out on the transaction level, but TP has requested to only send 1 per group. The TPA can split incoming transactions on the level, but I don’t see anything for FAs.


The work around would be, you can explicitly set that in the generateFA service for specific level (Transaction/Group/Interchange) and make sure you don’t use autoGenerateFA ON in the TPA settings and use custom service wrapper that calls generateFA and routeXML(edidata) which routes 997 FA edidata to TN.

There could be some other easier way not sure but try above.


Infact I have the opted for the solution as suggested by RMG and works fine for me, have maitained a cross-refrence table which has the editable property value FA level which in order pass to EDI framework services.