4.x to 7.1: integration migration

For integrations in 4.x that uses the jdbs adapter, is there any way that I can export them from 4.x and import into 7.1? Or can I import “partially”, and then manually do the mapping?

Any insight will be helpful. Many Thanks in advance.

What specific questions do you have after reading the upgrade documentation? I doubt many folks are jumping from 4.x to 7.x.

I don’t see a 4 to 7 migration doc any where. I don’t believe a 4 integration (client pub an event, broker passes it to jdbc adapter, and publish back to the client) can be imported into 7.1 broker/IS at all. Thanks.

No…IS6.x/7.x architecture/processing changed a lot compared to 4.x…Anyways you cannot jump code directly 4.x to 7.x mediatory steps involved 4.x to 6.x and if satisfied then go with 7.x upgrade.


I could be wrong, but my understanding is there is going to be a lot of manual work from 4.x to 6.x, so I thought why not go from 4.x to 7 directly. Thanks and regards.