Broker in 6.5 with adapters???

We have been using Broker 4.X with jdbc and mq adapters. Just installed 6.5 and was told there is no adapters for the broker in 6.5. Currently, our java client talks to the broker, and it connects to db. And in 6.5, seems can NOT do the same??? Hate to change not only the java client, but also the events/documents to talk to IS (was told to have java still talk to broker and have broker talk to IS which connects to db/mq). Not even quite sure how either.

Can anyone here help?

Just in short,

Starting from IS6.x IS/Broker combines and acts together,so you need to publish/subscribe documents(events in 4.x) to IS/Broker using publish services and so Broker will trigger the flows which will talk to db/mq via JDBC Adapter and MQAdapter installed/configured on IS.


Does this mean that the java client we have since 4.x can still talk to the Broker? I am sure I will have to add trigers/service/documents to IS, but not quite clear how to make the events currently published to the broker to flow to IS and response back to Broker and then java client?

You help is certaily appreciated.

Basically what i know is you have to convert ES4.x code to IS/Flows using Enterprise Ugrade utility,this way the new IS6.x/Broker functionality can be leveraged.

Also you can connect older ES4.6 or 5.0 components and talk with IS6.x broker.

see this link,


I assume you mean the JDBC Enterprise Adapter and the MQ Series Enterprise Adapter, right?

First answer the question about why you considering the upgrade to 6.5. Are you facing end-of-support for some webMethods products, do you need functionality availalbe in newer adapter versions?

While I would not agree that Broker and IS have been “merged”, the adapter architecture has changed completely. Since 6.0 was released over 2 years ago, adapters have run as packages inside IS. There are numerous benefits to this approach including improved connection pooling and significantly improved ease of development.

You could probably find a way to keep hanging on to your old Enterprise adapter architecture with a 6.5 Broker, but if you were going to do that, there’s not much reason to upgrade in the first place.



end of support is one reason of upgrade, the other is we had a hard time of installing 4.X to a new box (developers change is one of the factor, also, there were quite a few pathes to the 4.X release).

We do not need any of the new functionality in the 6.5 that is not in 4.x. We only do a simple pub/sub and request/reply to JDBC Enterprise Adapter and the MQ Series Enterprise Adapter. And rewriting java client is out of the question. That is why we try to still talk to the broker directly, and try to keep the changes to the minimun.

Anyone know or have tried to have the JDBC Enterprise Adapter and the MQ Series Enterprise Adapter installed on the 6.5 Broker?

Thank you all for the help