4.x to 7.1 migration: need to rewrite BrokerClient?

we have client apps written in java with active 4.x API’s BrokerClient that does publish and subscribe to broker events, using package COM.activesw.API.client.*. If/when we upgrade to 7.1, do we need to rewrite these java apps? Or they would work with the IS? Any help is greatly appreciated.


Your custom Broker clients will still interact with Broker, not IS. IS won’t be in the picture, unless you create subscribers there that process messages published by your Broker clients. IS itself is a Broker client.

The clients should still work though you’ll want to check the upgrade docs to see if any of the Broker API facilities that you may be using were deprecated/removed.

Thanks Rob.

So if we manage to migrate all of the documents(events), then we should be ok, certainly will check the upgrade doc.