EntireX new broker and old DCOM RPC compatibility question

Product/components used and version/fix level:

EntireX DCOM Wrapper Library Version=7.1.0
EntireX 10.11

Detailed explanation of the problem:

We would like to upgrade current broker that is interoperable with the DCOM RPC services and hope to leave latter intact.
We would like to assert before starting the broker upgrade if the new broker and old DCOM (VB programs) will be interoperable.

In principle, the newer broker works with the older RPC servers, but now the difference is quite big.
Are EntireX broker / RPC protocols compatibility tables going back as far as version 7 exist and available ?

Error messages / full error message screenshot / log file:


Question related to a free trial, or to a production (customer) instance?


It is right, EntireX strategy is to keep clients compatible with the broker and server side. But we can give no guarantee.

I assume 7.1.0 was the EntireX Version, the DCOM Wrapper Library was generated with. The DCOM Library interfaces with underneath EntireX Runtime or EntireX Mini Runtime which are doing the protocols with broker and RPC layer.
So it depends on the EntireX installation on the machine from where the DCOM client ships the request.

In general, the used RPC Protocol are automatically determined between the RPC Client and RPC Server. If you just upgrade the Broker used RPC Protocol will not change. The communication with the Broker is using the ACI Protocol and all ACI Protocols are still supported by the Broker.

We don’t see that an upgrade of the Broker will cause issues in this scenario.

An upgrade of the RPC Client (for DCOM RPC Clients a new version of the Miniruntime) or the RPC Server may result in a change of the used RPC Protocol. However, as said above the RPC protocol is determined by a handshake between RPC Client and RPC Server. They will use the highest available RPC Protocol supported by both components.

Please note that the installation and location of the EntireX Miniruntime has changed with Version 9.10. Please check the Release Notes if you upgrade the client from an older version.

In case you run into issues after the upgrade please open a support incident and provide details on the environment (Version of RPC client, Broker and RPC Server), details of the issue and a trace (EntireX Stublog) of the error.









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