3148 : Database 3 is not active or not accessible

I am getting this message trying to execute a program that reads a file which only exists in one Database, 10. DDM is defined to Security, I have all the links set. Our Testing Database is TEST10, I have no clue where it is getting Database 3 from. Can someone tell me what this message means?
We’re using Natural 4.13 and Adabas 3.3.2 on Linux.
Thanks in advance.

Does the DDM specify a fixed DBID of 10, or is it set to 0 in the DDM ?

If the latter, check the UDB parameter, or, if this is 0 as well, the “dbid” of your FUSER would be substituted.

All of our DBID’s are set to 0 in the DDM’s
Our FUSER is set to DBID 22
So I need to set a DBID now (in LINUX) in our DDM’s?
Here is what the docs says:
"If no DBID is specified in the DDM used, the DBID specified with the UDB profile parameter determines which database is accessed. If so, the UDB profile parameter must be set to a valid DB number. "
Where/How do I set the UDB?
Thanks in Advance…

Many possibilities: Either set it dynamically in your command line (e.g. natural udb=10 …) or use natparm to set it permanently (do a search via the natparm menu search option for “udb”).

Bingo, There it is, Duh, I swear I never set it to 3,
Could that have been set as a default?
Grrrrr… Thanks Gyro Gearloose…