Natural Native Interface and ADABAS


I’m trying to use the Natural Native Interface to call a NATURAL subprogram.
In this subprogramm everything works fine, when there is no access to the database.

When a do a FIND or anything else in this subprogram I get the following message:

...Done. Return code = 3148.
MessageNumber: 3148.
MessageText:   NAT3148 Database 1 is not active or not accessible
Library:       TGAP50.
Member:        LON-PLDA.
Name:          .
Method:        .
Line:          2560.

I think the Database number 1 is wrong, but how can I tell the NNI the right Database number?
The subprogram works if I call it from a NATURAL program


What does your call to nni_initialize look like? Do you initialize the Natural session in the NNI program with the same parameters as the Natural session where the database access works? Please check. Regards, +o:-]

:smiley: That’s it, Natural had to know the database-number with udb=NNN and now it works.