.zip file over AS2

I am curious to know, if it’s feasible to send a zip file over AS2 with encryption to a partner.

Believe it should be sent as attachment and as i remember EDIINT module does not support attachments.

wM Version 7.1.2


No it’s not supported as far I know too:

Hi, we are receiving from our partner zip files over AS2 protocol. But these are not encrypted. All is working fine.

let me know if you need any details.



Good to know working possibility:

But if encryption is not working then all at own risk with security and how is the payload/content-type they are sending and extracted in your TN?

Please share more info with your setup also:


We are talking about wM 7.x versions. What about wM 8.2. Heard it is possible to send attachments via EDIINT AS2 module…Any help would be greatly appreciated

Did you find this in the EDIINTModule8.01 user guide about their support as you heard?

Please review it or contact SAG support:


It would be greatly helpfull if you can contact SAG support. I tried but am not able to contact the SAG support.

Thanks and warm regards,

Which SAG number you tried?..open an incident and contact them via eService or your rep can direct: