Hi all,
I’m doing a POC for a costumer and he gives me two xsd:schemas. The two schemas are valid, but Tamino can’t define it.

Can somebody help me?

Thanks in advance
Schemas.zip (46 KB)

I get an error when I try to open your zip file “invalid archive”. Could you try refreshing it?

Hi, Douglas.
Thanks for your interest.
I try it again!
I’m testing the xsd in XMLSpy 2006 Enterprise Edition sp3 and is valid, but in XMLSpy 2007 is invalid. I’ve modified it and now is valid, but in Schema Editor I get many errors.
I attach it valid for both versions(“ldc.zip”).

Thanks in advance,
Javier de Frutos - Software AG Spain
ldc.zip (35.6 KB)
Schemas.zip (46 KB)