SOAP envelope schema / WSDL schema defined in Tamino

Has anyone succeeded in defining the schema for a SOAP envelope or WSDL in Tamino? I’m attaching the tamino schemas and original XSD files in case anyone wants to give this a whirl. (4.37 KB)

In both schemas the reference from the doctype to the root element was not correct. You forgot to add the targetnamespace prefix.
After this the soap schema (tsd) is alright, but the wsdl schema (tsd) is still not defineable.
Reason is that the wsdl schema (xsd) is not a valid XML Schema. The content model of “operationType” in the xsd schema is not unique. The input element is the first element of two sequences (addressed by group references) within a choice, therefore the parser is not able to determine which sequence starts if an input element is given. I did attach the output of the IBM Quality Checker that reports the error.

In the tsd wsdl schema the same error occurs but below the “operation” element. The xsd to tsd conversion removed the reference to “operationType” by the definition itself.
In the fixed schema I did remove the ambiguity by relaxing this part of the schema. Now it is definable but the content of “operation” is checked more lazy.

Hope this helps. (2.64 KB)