A Tamino Schema to Store W3C Schema

Hi all,
Is it possible (or has it already been done) to have a Tamino Schema which will index W3 Schemas? I’m thinking of using Tamino Server as a respositry/registry for W3Schemas

For that you have to define a schema that describes your instances.

First, Tamino TSD3 does not support every detail from the W3C-Metaschema. But you may reduce the metaschema by use of xs:any to a form that can be handled by Tamino. The most simple metaschema is:
<xs:element name = “schema”>
<xs:any processContents = “skip”></xs:any>

But you are not permitted to use the xml schema namespace as targetnamespace and that makes the task impossible. :frowning:

Anyone with another idea?