Multiple schemas in an XML document


I have been wondering whether it is possible to make an XML document from more than one schema. The idea is that I would define small schemas for different components, e.g. “physical address”, I would then like to reference this component which is a schema in itself from many XML documents. Is this possible? I know globals can be defined within a schema, but can they be defined across schemas?

in the current Tamino version there can be only one schema document for all the instances of a doctype.
XML schema allows with different mechanisms to
compose one schema from different schema documents.
One of those mechanisms (import) is planned for the next Tamino version.
Does that help for your problem?

Best regards
Walter Waterfeld
Tamino R&D

Thanks Walter,

That sounds exactly right. That should make it possible to create XML documents out of “reusable components” to some extent.

This would make the job of creating new schemas much faster.

Stuart King