Storing XML File in Tamino

Right now, I am saving data in XML File via JDOM
I have 1 Schema and 1 XML File.

The written java program I already have,
I would like to modify the serializing part
from JDOM into Tamino.

I did following :
- rename mySchema.xsd in mySchema.tsd
- modify mySchema.tsd (collection name, etc.)
- create new DB: myDataBase
- assign mySchema.tsd => myDataBase
- assign myXml.xml => myDataBase

After I upload myXML.xml into the Database
I got ino:id=1 (regarding to this XML file).

change subject :
This example java File is included in the
server package. Its working fine.

Each time i run it, the program adds
a new part of XML and each time I get
a new ino:id, so ino:id=1, ino:id=2, etc.

Back to my topic (above)
Up to now, I had 1 XML file. Everthing is in here.
In the case of
the program adds ech time a new xml file
with a new ino:id.
And all these XML parts together are one XML Document.

On the one hand I have 1 XML File and everyting is here in this document with only ino:id=1.
On the other hand, there are many XML files, nd all together is one document.

Is it okay, that I have just 1 ino:id,
which has the whole XML document ().

) This XML File contains a lot of elements.
Partially they have IDs and IDREFS.
With the program I am writing, user should
add, delete and modify this one document
with the ino:id=1

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