without ino:id ???

Hi !

My question is pretty simple.
I would like to store my XML data into Tamino in such a way, that Tamino doesn’t add any
information to it. Tamino generally manipulates the data by adding a special Tamino id (ino:id)
into every node.
I need my data exactly the way is was, before storing it into Tamino.
Is there a way to prevent Tamino doing this?
Maybe there is an option I have overseen, or a possibility to get the XML instances back exactly it was
in the beginning?

Thanks for any help.


Please see the Tamino documentation under X-Machine Programming / Requests using Plain URL Addressing

There is a way to address documents in Tamino that gets the out the same way they got in, it goes something like that:

http://dbserver/tamino/dbname/coll-name/doctype-name/@802 , with 802 being the ino:id of the requested document. Or

http://dbserver/tamino/dbname/coll-name/doctype-name/docname , with docname being a name you assigned to an Tamino document (or object*) at load time (using a HTTP-PUT operation).

*) This mechanism is mainly employed for storing “binary” data like pictures with a “filename” (think logo.gif).

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As far as I know Tamino doesn’t modify the document with and ino:id or ino:docname etc.

These are introduced when a query result is returned.

The query result contains a node list and the ino:id etc is a label to tell you where the nodes come from.

The clue is that queries don’t return documents they return nodes from within the document set in the collection you are addressing.

The document you get back with a query is a represntation of a node set as a parseable XML document.

The REAL document comes back with the GET by reference which is either an ino:id reference or a doc:name reference.

If you link about in these terms it may begin to make sense. :slight_smile: