Using Tamino in a transparent fashion?

We are storing and retrieving XML data to and from Tamino. When you store a given XML tree into Tamino (lets say news you got from for example) and then retrieve it form Tamino using HTTP a variety of Tamino specific tags are added (all the ino: stuff) making it difficult to provide say a connector that connects to Tamino (offline mode) or (online mode).

What we do at the moment is to use XSL to remove the ino: stuff before we process the data further.

What we would really need however is some way of telling Tamino to give us the data as we entered it. Obviously it would not be possible to then change the data (as the ino: would be missing) - but this would be great for a read-only access.


Matthew Langham

If you now the ino:id of the Document (for instance 5), you can retrieve the Document as it is by the URL: