Storing XML document into Tamino

Hello to everyone…

I am new with XML and Tamino and i’m currently trying to explore this new technology. I’ve tried creating xml doc, create schema and define it, load it into Tamino thru TII and access it thru browser and it seems working very well. But i have no idea on how to update the xml doc in tamino from user input(thru form). Basically, what i have done is user will input thru form, submit it to an asp file that will generate an xml doc. Query, updating and deleting can be done thru this xml doc. But i want to store this doc in Tamino. What should i do? Could anyone please guide me on this matter…

Thank you in advance.

Please have a look at the Tamino documentation’s pages about DOM programming and especially the ActiveX interface provided.

The key to updating is to remember that Tamino treats an insert of an document with an @ino:id-Attribute as an update of an already stored document with said ino:id-value.

I think there’s a sample program included.

Best regards, Andreas