insert dynamically created xml_docs into tamino...

…using a php-frontend.

hi there. i#m doing a simulation using tamino as db-backend. i have different documents (ASCII) which are going to be parsed by a php-script and transformed into xml-files.
“READ”-queries via URL on tamino work without any problem

and i can use the php-includes EXPAT parser to get the information i want.
my question: is there a possibility to update/insert dynamically created docs into my collection by any kind of URL string? if not, which solution would you propose to proceed with the web frontend.

(remember: its a simulation - so the application has not to be perfect :wink:

thanks for help

hi ak,

if you take a look at tamino documentation
you can find the answer right there: simply do


just make sure to escape all the special characters (e.g. %20 for a " " blank).

andreas f.

thank you very much,

that is what i was searching.

have a nice day.