using tamino tags to create xml without importing to the tam

Current i have built a system… which contains
several pages of forms.

After which filled to the end of the page, there is a commit action whereby the data will be imported into the tamino database.

How do i just retrieve the xml document , eg stored it in my harddisk folder… without importing to the database.

A commit action would forced me to imported to the database.

Thanks a lots


X-Application, especially the JSP layer, is a tool to connect XML-files of Tamino with HTML pages. If you stored a document within Tamino by a commit, you can also retrieve this document. You can use the name of the document. The name is defined by the attribute ?document? of the action tag, e.g.

<bdm:action type=?create? document=?myDocument? …>…</bdm:action>

<bdm:action type= ?create? document=?myDocument? …> …</bdm:action>

When you link from the commit action to the display page, you can use this name to address the document.

<bdm:form document=?myDocument?>

<bdm:display select=?$ID?/>


Within this form you could display the ino:id of your document. This is the key that X-Application uses to identify a document. The query for this identification is




You can use this query within other tool (like X-Plorer or Tamino Interactive Interface) or within an URL directly addressing Tamino to retrieve your document.

Storing documents from a hard disk instead of using Tamino is more complex to explain. Perhaps you could try to reimplement / extend the class to redefine the functionality. Instead of connecting Tamino you could deliver documents from the file system. But I?m not sure if this was the focus of your question.



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