How do I update a large document in Tamino?

Hi there,

We are developing an ASP (VBScript & JavaScript) application that accesses Tamino. We need to make an http connection with this XDBMS to update an xml document.
Usually, it would be sufficient to use the object XMLHTTP provided by the MSXML API. However, as we are dealing with long xml documents, it is not working.
We have tried the open method with many configurations.
With a 2K xml document it works with the following parameters
(“PUT”, "“content”, false).
However, when we enlarge the document a little bit, the document is truncated.
The option GET also does not work with such large documents.
As the problem seems to be related to the size of the message…It seems the POST option would be more adequate.
(“POST”, “”, false).
However, we would like to know how to set variables to the POST method.
I.e., how to set the “_document” variable with its content “content”.

Have anyone used this option… Could you help us? :confused:

Some code samples and examples would be great!

Thanks in advance.

Alissandra, Eric and Yoko.


Does the information I’ve posted here help at all?