XSD for XML to EDI

I have an internal app that wants to send XML messages that will end up as EDI to a trading partner. I think it would be simplest to share with the internal app team an XSD that would encapsulates completely the fields required for the EDI document. (i.e., an XSD that covers an 4010 850). I know I can generate XML from an EDI document, but what is the guarantee that the XML matches? In other words, where is the XSD for the XML that was created? Is there a way to generate/access that?

If I have the XSD, then I am sure that messages I receive from an internal app will validate and will convert to the appropriate EDI document.

Still a noob – any assistance would be appreciated :happy:

Do your source app provided you an XML structure or you need to create in Developer and provide them?

You can also create some canonical - IS Document Type defintion (internal format) and then generate XSD out of it (using built-in service provided) and pass it to them:


I need to provide the XSD to the internal app. For example, when using wmSamples, I can create XML from an EDI document. What XSD would that XML be validated against?

There may be another path to consider…

Let’s assume the following:

  • The internal application needs to send out purchase orders to partners
  • Different partners will want/need differing formats
  • Possibly multiple partners use X12–but unless you can require them to all use your 850 implementation guide, chances are there will be multiple variations you need to support. In other words, not all 850s are the same nor will all partners require the same data elements.

If these assumptions are correct for your environment, now or in the near future, then it may not be a good idea to have the internal app base its message format on X12, even using XML. Instead you may want to use a general purpose XML layout that the internal app can more readily support, holding all the data elements that all partners would need.

Then within IS map that XML to each partner format as needed. In each “internal XML to partner format” mapping you’d do the validation as needed/desired.

It’s not good idea to create XSD out of EDI documents and validate etc…You can create a canonical XML doc type/fields based on your mapping requirements and provide to the source team and then do one to one mapping (XML–>EDI) transformation and validation process etc…

Hope you got the points above: