xs:import didn't work.

I am using Tamino on Windows 2000 Professional.
I have a problem with Tamino Schema Editor.
I read Release Notes that Tamino support “xs:import” of W3C XML Schema, but it didn’t work.

I tried the following import method.
1. <xs:import namespace=“http://www.penta.co.kr” schemaLocation=“http://www.xmlone.co.kr/ttn/jsp/imported.xsd”/>
2. <xs:import namespace=“http://www.penta.co.kr” schemaLocation=“http://www.xmlone.co.kr/ttn/jsp/imported.tsd”/>
3. <xs:import namespace=“http://www.penta.co.kr” schemaLocation=“file:///D:\xmlschema\imported.xsd”/>
4. <xs:import namespace=“http://www.penta.co.kr” schemaLocation=“file:///D:\xmlschema\imported.tsd”/>

I received the following message.
<INOXDE7931, INOXDE7536>Invalid import element. Schema reference could not be resolved.

Is there any way to solve schemaLocation setting? Thank you in advance.
import_examples.zip (2.25 KB)

The http proxy host and port have to be set in the Options menu (Tools/Options).

Sorry, you need to set http host and proxy in the schema editor if you like to use the services “open in new window” or “load”.

Tamino knows only schemas that are stored in the same database. So first define your imported schemas, second change the schemaLocation of the importing schema, third define the importing schema.
The schema location within Tamino has to be relative either: “schemaname” or “…/collectionname/schemaname”.

Valid values of schemaLocation attribute of xs:import are:

1) schemaName
2) ./schemaName
3) …/collectionName/schemaName

Note that only relative URLs are permitted, referring to another schema which must already be defined in the same Tamino database!

You’ve got it right.

Thank you for your help! :cool: