Importing schema for xml:lang, etc.

Hi all,
for a multilingual application I need to specify the lang attribute for many elements. To do this I want to import the xml:lang attribute in the schema, which poses a problem for me. Here is the verbose description of the problem:

The typical procedure for defining xml-predefined attributes is to use import in the xsd/tsd:

<xs:import namespace="" schemaLocation="xml.xsd"/>

The elements in the XSD are then defined with the additional attribute xml:lang by:

    <xs:attribute ref="xml:lang"/>

Afterwards I should be able to use elements with the xml:lang attribute, for example

<langSet xml:lang="en"> 

I understand that I need to specify the xml.xsd and safe it within Tamino (in this case we run Tamino 8.0 ) because Tamino does not resolve the namespace as such from the URL. But when I define a simple xsd

<?xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?> 
<xs:schema targetNamespace = " /namespace"  elementFormDefault = "qualified"  
xmlns:tsd = ""  
xmlns:xs = ""> 
      <tsd:schemaInfo name = ""> 
        <tsd:collection name = ""></tsd:collection> 
  <xs:attribute name = "lang"></xs:attribute> 

I receive an error when validating it against Tamino (from within the Tamino Schema-Editor)

[1:300] invalid prefix bound to URI '' only 'xml' allowed.<INOXDE7703,INOXDE7786>

Needless to say that the Oxygen-XML editor tells me that the schema and the imported schema are valid, the instance as well. And the 1:300 (first line column 300 does not even exist) does not help either.

I seem to remember to have seen and used a solution to this problem.
Any ideas are appreciated. Maybe someone knows the reference in the documentation; I seem to overlook it, though I am positive to having seen a solution before.


Hi all,

I found the solution, which is extremely easy, but just in case you have a similar problem:
you only need

 <xs:import namespace = ""></xs:import>

Do not provide a schemaLocation, this schema is predefined in Tamino. I do not have a reference, but I just applied it and it worked :slight_smile:
In case you parse your schema outside of Tamino with another tool, this tool might complain about not finding the xml.xsd, just ignore it :slight_smile:


If you want to supply the location for Tamino, it’s “…/ino:collection/xml_lang_space