using xlink xml base schema


i want to define a schema which uses xlink and xml base.
i.e. the schema has a line like this:

<xs:schema xmlns:xs=“XML Schema” elementFormDefault=“qualified” xmlns:xlink=“XLink namespace”>

do i really have to download and import the w3c schemas manualy ?

<xs:import namespace=“XLink namespace” schemaLocation=“xlink.xsd”/>
<xs:import namespace=“The "xml:" Namespace” schemaLocation=“xml.xsd”.

i have tried several ways now, but without success.
i tried with and without include, but i see error messages
in both cases. can anybody help me please ?
maybe somebody has a running example ?

thank you very much.



indeed you have to

  • download the schemas
  • define them explicitly in Tamino

Use schemaLocation=“xlink.xsd” only if the xlink schema is defined within the same Tamino collection as the importing one - otherwise you have to use “…//xlink.xsd” where is the name of the Tamino collection where the xlink schema is defined in.

Best regards
Uli Post